Enhance Content Literacy by Using Strategies: List of Possible Reading Strategies

When you plan strategies for your classroom it is important to keep your students in the loop. Let them know the names of the strategies. Help them to understand how the strategies support what good readers do. This will help them to become independent readers and thinkers as they think about becoming better at reading rather than just being satisfied with minimal reading skill. When you plan strategies for your classroom also consider the ones that you would repeat because repetition reinforces the strategies to become automatic. Good readers automatically root through their arsenal of strategies and make a decision about how to tackle the reading task presented to them and/or chosen by them. Here is a list of possible strategies worth repeating for reinforcement. 

Vocabulary Strategies
Pre-reading Strategies
DRTA (Directed Reading/Thinking Activity)
During Reading Strategies
Describing Circle
After Reading Strategies
Bubble Map
Cluster Graphic Organizer
Collaborative Summarizing Sheet
Content Graphic Organizer 
Elements of Fiction
Fact Chart
Flow Chart
Magnet Summaries
Main Idea with Supporting Details Map
Multiple Cause Map
Multiple Effect Map
Narrowing Triangle
QAR (Question/Answer/Relationship)
Relationship Map
Spider Map
Story Map
T Chart

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