Music vocabulary and glossary of terms.

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List of Canadian Bands and their histories.

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How to sing in pitch video. The "engine that drives your car".

Drumming and neuroscience new. Open Culture.

Insert texts that respond to the question: How do you read like a musician?

Reciprocal Teaching: How would you apply the FAB 4 in music? 

Fab Four Read-Aloud from Reciprocal Teaching at Work by Lori Oczkus from International Reading Assoc on Vimeo.

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Respond to the Question: What does it mean to read/write like a musician? 

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  1. Musicians read many different types of texts. Typically we think of them reading only notes from a page of music and then performing those notes through an instrument or voice. Notes are a type of reading in music and the score is a type of text. Musicians also read codes that the writers of the music have written (e.g., mezzo, dolche). Furthermore, musicians write and read about their craft. There are many forms of text in coded forms for musicians to learn.


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