Computer Science

Respond to the question: What would it be like to read and/or write like a computer scientist? here are some resources:

Code Your Google Valentine in Scratch

Vocabulary: List of terms encyclopedia (Great for acronyms such as API or URL)

List of free and open source computer software packages to assist you in teaching a variety of content areas.

How to Geek. (Minecraft lessons)

Code school.

Attend Google 1/0 (Past Event

Learn to Code at 

New: Creative Computing Experience (Harvard)   - Scratch

How Computers Work featuring Bill Gates and others.  

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  1. To read like a computer scientist you must:
    1. Be able to give meaning and understand content specific symbols and language;
    2. Recognize the text is formatted sequentially and follow it in that manner;
    3. Have the ability to formalize the processes as you read through the text.

    Buehl states in "Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines" that in the technical disciplines (which we argue includes Computer Science and Mathematics), "reading comprehension is interspersed with action" (2011, p. 111). Students need tools, namely those listed in points 1 and 2, in order to meaningfully process the text. We feel that this is one of the most important aspects of reading as a Computer Scientist because the process of comprehension is reading for information, followed by action (processing) followed by intake of more information and more action, and so on.

    Ms. Warkentin & Mrs. Rogalsky


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