Create Your Own Activities

The following links will help you to create your own classroom activities. I begin with only one and will add to this list as I use the activity building sites and approve of them.

Quizzes help in the development of memory, the foundation level in Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning.

Devise comprehension activities around the revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Low order does not mean that the level is bad, rather it means that this level needs to be more automatic before the other levels can be achieved. Bloom's taxonomy is one of the most used taxonomies related to education.  Developed in 1956, it was used to categorize levels of cognition.  Two of Bloom's proteges later revised the taxonomy (Krathwohl and Anderson, 2002).

Additional Items:

SFAL in German translation pdf 

Reading and Writing in Action: Manitoba Education pdf document 

Apps list for Content Areas pdf  

Rewordify helps teach texts better.  

Distance Education - Blackboard Manitoba Education has samples of online materials that can be adapted for face-to-face. 

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