Biology Corner
• This is an American site, but I’ve included it because of the variety and volume of resource links it offers
• The site includes free lesson plans, webquests, online tutorials and interactive lessons – There’s some REALLY cool stuff here!
Canadian Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans – From Stream to Sea
• Downloadable lessons on stewardship and sustainability from DFO
• Includes IRP mapping to curriculum areas and grade level
Canadian Nature Museum
Cape Breton Education – Biology links
• Links to pages on a variety of biology topics including Cell biology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Anatomy, Reproduction and Lesson Plans for teachers
Higher Bitesize Biology (BBC) Gr. 10-12
Khan Academy(
National Research Council – Biology Resources
• Links to teacher resources, activities, interactive websites on a variety of biology topics including a cool interactive page on the microscope, animal and plant cells etc.
• This non-profit society is committed to nature education and provides a number of free lesson resources through their “Teacher’s Corner”
• Downloadable PDF or HTML lesson plans, mostly dealing with sustainability and ecology
Ocean Link Teacher Resources
• Prepared by researchers at Bamfield’s Marine Sciences Centre, these lesson plans deal with all aspects of marine science and ecology.
• Lesson plans are mapped to B.C. Ministry of Education P.L.O.s and include background information with references on topics ranging from climate change, to pollution and marine biodiversity.
• Excellent reproducibles and student information booklets are included in some lessons
• Digital access to Ocean News publication with valuable information, lesson and unit ideas, suggestions for field trips and laboratory experiments.
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
• Links to a number of general science, chemistry and biology resources
• Especially helpful are the Biology e-Resources. This PDF file contains links to online resources for biology students and teachers including lesson plans, activities, interactive websites, virtual dissections and virtual microscopes
Teach-nology – Biology Lesson Plans
• This site has a directory of lesson plans in all subject areas. Biology-specific lessons begin with the basics of the scientific method and data collection and proceed through cell biology, scientific classification, genetics and ecology.
• Printable rubrics, worksheets and links to multi-media resources for classroom use are excellent features on this website.
 Yukon Education Student Network
• Links to interactive websites, reliable and authoritative sources of information and classroom enrichment activities for teaching topics in Biology

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