Readability & Levelled Texts

These links include readability formula:

Word (the program) offers readability on texts that are typed into the program. See the "how to" video here.

The most popular readability tests are:

  • The Flesch formulas.
  • The Dale–Chall formula.
  • The Gunning fog formula.
  • Fry readability graph.
  • McLaughlin's SMOG formula.
  • The FORCAST formula.
  • Fountas & Pinnell Level Gradient
I like this following link for how it explains the confusion around reading levels.
Note that publishers usually declare a reading level of the books recommended (from each of their websites and on the copyright page).

Note that authors/writers often determine the level since they are writing to a child audience. Writers Relief is a site that helps writers to determine the readability of their texts.

Finally, I point you to the Fountas & Pinnell Level Gradient system. To verify the readability of the publishers and formula, you could use this:
That would give one a 3 point verification of the reading level: (1) publisher, (2) readability formula, (3) F&P Grade Level Gradient. The best verifiers?...the children and their parents through observation of the reading experience. 

Remember to also use the Dolch Sight Word lists for grade levels

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